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A short history of coffee in Indonesia

Surwenda, one of coffee farmer in Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

As one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world, Indonesia certainly has many coffee variants which will indulge any coffee enthusiast. 

From robusta to arabica, Indonesia coffee production reaches 641,833 tons each year.

You can easily find coffee shops in Indonesia. Drinking coffee and tea has been ingrained in Indonesians’ daily lives. 

Whenever we visit an Indonesian house, the host will definitely offer coffee as an option for your drink. 

However, behind a cup of steaming hot coffee and delicious aroma, there is a history of coffee that is quite interesting for us to see.

The history of the origin of coffee itself goes back 3,000 years in Africa. 

The benefits of coffee beans began to be appreciated at that time and entered Indonesia in the 17th century. 

It were later brought by the Dutch who were eager because the climate in their country does not allow coffee to grow properly. 

The first coffee seeds in Indonesia were sent by the Dutch Governor in Malabar, India, which is an Arabica type originating from Yemen. 

The coffee seeds were sent to the Dutch governor in Batavia in 1696. Unfortunately, the seeds failed to grow due to the flood.

It was only in 1711 that coffee was successfully grown and exported from Java to Europe through the Dutch trading company, VOC (Verininging Oogst Indies Company). 

For 10 years, coffee cultivation in Batavia continued to grow rapidly and succeeded in providing enormous profits for the Netherlands. 

Because of this promising profit, the Dutch then expanded coffee plantations in Indonesia and planted coffee in other parts of Indonesia such as West Java, North Sumatra, Aceh, Bali, Sulawesi and Papua. 

Almost every Indonesian coffee is grown in highland areas with good soil fertility and weather. 

That is why, coffee products in Indonesia have succeeded in creating various types of Nusantara coffee with the best quality and has become popular in the world.

Some of the popular Indonesian coffees widely known for their delicious taste are Gayo coffee, Kalosi Toraja coffee, Lampung opi, Kintamani Bali coffee, Preanger Java coffee, and Papua Wamena coffee. 

Each coffee bean has distinctive flavor, Gayo coffee for example, has a medium acidity with a strong floral and fruity aroma, in contrast to Kintamani coffee which is higher in acidity but has a floral fragrance and a hint of lemon flavor.

If you prefer a light coffee flavor with a touch of chocolate and a hint of tobacco, you can try Papua Wamena coffee. 

In addition to the distinctive taste of each coffee bean, the various styles of brewing coffee today also affect the aroma and flavor. 

With rich taste and health benefits when consumed in moderation, no wonder that coffee has always been one of the globally preffered beverage. Have you had your coffee today?

Source: Kumparan food & travel

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