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Ujung Aspal Café, amazing place for you to enjoy coffee and tea in Indonesia!

Cafe Ujung Aspal

The open nature with super cool air, fresh oxygen, presumably can be an escape for hardworking souls, who occasionally need an atmosphere full of calm.

Ujung Aspal forest tourism is the only tour that can answer that need.

A visitor once said, regarding the natural atmosphere of this Ujung Aspal tourism:

“When the weather is hot, nature still covers us with coolness. When your heart is a little restless, the breeze caresses you gently.”

Cafe for drinking tea and coffee

This cafe is not just any cafe, the yard is wide, perfect for holding family events or your office events.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, December 22, 2020), this cafe will open to receive visitors every day.

Here are a variety of snacks, snacks that taste delicious typical of Pusakamulya Village. Processed with the skilled hands of village girls.

Of course, there is a 'city' style coffee brewing here as well as rural coffee brewing with traditional flavors.

Original coffee from Mount Burangrang, coffee grown with gratitude for God's grace, in the form of a fertile and prosperous earth.

The tea brewing in this cafe is also very special, original tea made by local farmers in Pusakamulya Village.

Brewed with a special technique, which is found and studied with great patience.

They are young people who have devoted their lives to brewing tea.

So, don't expect you to find the delicious taste of this tea anywhere else!

Your songs cheer up the universe!

At this Cafe Ujung Aspal, there is a 'portable sound system', with YouTube capital on your own smartphone, you can donate your joy to nature, with beautiful songs from a sincere heart.

Let's take a peek at the exemplary action of a visitor to the Ujung Aspal Cafe, who entertains the trees with his sweet voice.

Then the plants around the cafe are cheerful, giving off natural oxygen. Provide cool-fresh air for anyone in need.

Look! Leisurely swinging on the free swing, this visitor chants:

How about when the fog comes?

When the fog comes, visitors will feel cold. But somehow, they claim to be more at home and more serene enjoying the natural atmosphere at the Ujung Aspal.

Oh yeah, if you notice in the photo, there is a suspension bridge. The one that is connected from tree to tree, it's really instagramable!

You can enjoy the tree bridge, starting this Thursday! Want to be inaugurated on December 24, 2020, he said to Ambu Anne, our Regent.

Who likes to Ujung Aspal?

Tourism is synonymous with thick bags, but not here in Ujung Aspal Cafe. This nature tourism is visited by all groups, young and old, alone or together, with friends, family or work friends.

Come on, come to the Ujung Aspal Cafe! The cool air and peaceful natural atmosphere await you to come ....

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